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Oracle Java Audit Timeline

Oracle Java Audit Timeline

  • Soft Audit (3-6 Months): Emails and sales conversations aiming for license purchases.
  • Compliance Notification: Oracle identifies non-compliance based on licensable downloads.
  • Refusal: Leads to a formal audit.
  • Formal Audit Notice (45 Days): Response required within 45 days.
  • Negotiation (1-2 Months): Define audit specifics.
  • Audit Execution (4-8 Weeks): Detailed review of Java usage.
  • Post-Audit Report: Findings and compliance requirements.
  • Compliance Period (4 Weeks): Purchase necessary licenses.

The timeline of an Oracle Java audit typically unfolds in several distinct phases. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect during soft and formal audits.

Soft Audit Timeline

Soft Audit Timeline
  • Initial Phase (3-6 Months): The soft audit begins with emails and sales conversations. During this period, Oracle tries to convince the customer to purchase the necessary licenses.
  • Compliance Notification: If Oracle determines non-compliance, they will notify the customer that they must purchase licenses for all unlicensed usage identified over the years.
  • Evidence: Oracle uses records of licensable downloads as evidence of non-compliance.

Transition to Formal Audit

Transition to Formal Audit
  • Refusal to Comply: If the customer refuses to purchase the licenses during the soft audit phase, Oracle will initiate a formal audit.
  • Notice Period (45 Days): Oracle provides a formal notice requiring the customer to respond within 45 days.

Formal Audit Timeline

Formal Audit Timeline
  • Negotiation Phase (1-2 Months): The specifics of the audit are negotiated, which can take one to two months.
  • Audit Execution (4-8 Weeks): Once the specifics are agreed upon, the audit takes four to eight weeks. During this time, Oracle will thoroughly review the organization’s Java usage.
  • Post-Audit Report: After the audit, Oracle provides a report detailing any findings of non-compliance.
  • Compliance Period (4 Weeks): The customer has four weeks to purchase the necessary licenses if any licensable Java instances are identified in the report.


Oracle Java audits follow a structured timeline. They start with a soft audit phase that can last several months and end with a formal audit if compliance issues are unresolved.

Understanding this timeline helps organizations prepare for each phase and meet Oracle’s requirements.


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