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“We specialize in Oracle software cost optimization, delivering tangible savings for our clients..”

Fredrik Filipsson– Co- Founder


We approach every project as if it were our own business.

Our firm, comprised of former Oracle employees, boasts leading Oracle consultants who’ve aided countless organizations. Our independent status ensures unbiased advice because we specialize in Oracle licensing, Java, audits, ULAs, negotiations, and support cost reductions.

We’re not resellers, guaranteeing our recommendations solely serve clients’ interests. With extensive experience, we tailor solutions to each client’s needs, maximizing savings and optimizing Oracle investments.

Trust our team to navigate complexities, providing transparent guidance and strategic insights to drive efficiency. Our commitment lies in empowering organizations to optimize their Oracle software and cloud investments with minimal risk.


Fredrik Filipsson


With 18 years in the field, Fredrik’s journey began in 2005, marked by notable roles at IBM, Oracle, and Insight Enterprises. As a founding member of Redress Compliance, his expertise centers on Oracle cloud and license management. Fredrik has spearheaded 250+ consulting engagements, encompassing Oracle license audits, ULA renewals, cloud migrations, negotiations, and cost reduction efforts. Renowned for his Oracle licensing and cloud management leadership, Fredrik drives impactful solutions for clients.

Morten Andersen


With over 17 years in software licensing and contracting, Morten offers extensive expertise. He’s collaborated with industry giants like Oracle, Insight Enterprises, IBM, and Gemalto. Morten is renowned as an Oracle licensing expert, leading projects to optimize client investments on-premises and in the cloud. Beyond projects, he’s a prolific writer and speaker on Oracle licensing, contributing significantly to the field and training hundreds of software asset managers globally.

James Hill Wood

Head of Delivery

With extensive experience spanning over a decade, I specialize in Oracle licensing and cloud management. As a Senior Oracle Licensing Specialist at Redress Compliance, I’ve spearheaded projects, analyzed data, and provided expert guidance. Before this, I served as an Oracle License Management Consultant, overseeing audits and managing key accounts in Hong Kong. I also contribute as a Subscription Management Analyst, furthering my expertise in Oracle SaaS solutions.

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