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As independent Oracle licensing consultants, we offer strategic, unbiased advice across all Oracle products. We focus exclusively on Oracle licenses, providing consultancy unaffiliated with Oracle or competitors.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Expertise in Oracle license compliance, cost optimization, and negotiation ensures that your investments are sound and sustainable. Our consultants are leaders in their field, equipped to handle any Oracle licensing scenario with precision and proactive strategies. We engage deeply with each client’s unique situation to deliver results that align with their long-term technology strategy.”

Independent Oracle Licensing Advice

We are committed to delivering independent Oracle licensing advice, ensuring our consultancy is completely detached from Oracle and its affiliates. We aim to provide transparent and impartial guidance, ensuring you receive the most strategic and cost-effective Oracle solutions tailored to your unique needs.




The initial step in our process involves both parties signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This ensures we can discuss your specific Oracle licensing requirements openly and fully confidential.



The next step in our process is to develop a Statement of Work (SOW) tailored to your specific requirements. We will also establish and agree on the commercial terms and timelines to ensure a clear and structured approach to meeting your needs.



Upon completing our initial assessments, we will begin delivering our services to assist you in achieving your Oracle licensing objectives. This phase is dedicated to implementing the strategies outlined in our discussions, ensuring that your specific needs are met efficiently and effectively.


Redress Compliance helped us cut our Java exposure by 93% from the initial audit claims made by Oracle,” shared the Head of IT. This significant reduction showcases their effective strategies in managing complex licensing challenges.


Oracle License Consulting

Ensure your organization remains compliant and efficient in Oracle licensing with our dedicated consulting services. We handle everything from license assessments to contract negotiations, ensuring you maximize your Oracle software investments.

Java Licensing and Advisory Services

Our Java advisory services focus on compliance, advisory, audit defense, and negotiations. We help you only pay for what you think is reasonable for Java.

Oracle ULA Services

Our team provides comprehensive support, from renewing the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement to handling its renewal and certification. We assist in managing these agreements to ensure they align with your strategic business needs, offering renewal and certification support.

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